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Product Name:LK-MT240 Petrol driven fans,PPV blowers,Gasoline Exhaust fans
Product classification:Gasoline Engine Powered Blowers
Release date:2024-04-20
Brief Description:
Engine: 4 stroke / 6.5horse power
Open airflow : 56,200 m³/h
Propeller diameter: 420mm
【Detailed Description】

LK-MT240 is  powerful and reliable high volume turbo ventilation fan blower

Built for smoke ejection in hazardous conditions and confined spaces


LION KING LK-MT240 petrol driven fans can quickly remove smoke ,heat and toxic gases from rescue scenes and burning buildings ,and provide clear visibility for fire fighters and rescue forces, rescue operations can be handled faster,safer , more efficient and helps to avoid smoke and heat damage.


The Technical Specification of LK-MT240 petrol driven fans is as follow

●Engine: 4 stroke / 6.5horse power
●Open airflow : 56,200 m³/h
●Dimention: L(550mm)*H(550mm)*W(490mm)
●Propeller diameter: 420mm
●Weight: 42kg
●Operational time: 90 mimutes of continuous use
●The distance of airflow: Mini 0.9m – Max 6m (adjustable)
●Noise level: about 93dB (3m as standard)
●Angle of airflow: precise tilt adjustment from +10° to +30° for optimization of direction of air  stream up entrance steps
●Frame: protective frame with grey epoxy coating as 30mm(diameter) circle pipe
●Characteristis : This prduct is so easy to move and equipped with two wheels with folding and movable handle and Angle of air blowing is adjusted automatically
●Intergreted stabilizer prop at rear Also enables fan to be tilted to  -10˚C downword ventilation
●Composition: ventilator 1pcs, duct 1pcs, spraying stystem 1pcs, the cover of ventilator 1pcs


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