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Product Name:LKW Voluteless centrifugal fans
Product classification:Centrifugal Fans
Release date:2024-04-20
Brief Description:
LKW series of volulaless centrifugal fans with the use of 
the international advanced technology to develop its own design,
the series a total of 13 kinds of wind turbine, 
flow range from 500m³/h to 70000m³/h. Has a structure compact structure, 
high efficiency, Iow noise, various types of central air-conditioning units
and other HVAC cabinet,Air conditioning
【Detailed Description】

Fan Dimensions:

impeller diameter: 250 ~ 1000mm

Air flow: 500 ~ 70000 m3 / h

full voltage range: 120 ~ 2500 Pa

total pressure efficiency: 64 ~ 70%

Noise range: 80 ~ 110dB (A)

Driven Type: belt drive.

Model: 280,315,355,400,450,500,560,630,710,800,900,1000 other 12 kinds of machine numbers.

Application: all kinds of central air conditioning units and other HVAC ventilation purification equipment supporting products.

Product classification

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