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Taizhou Lion King Signal Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer specialized in making various signal sirens,Fire blowers,Rescue air cushions and other rescue products.Including Hand operated siren, Industrial Motor Sirens, Large Electromechanical Sirens,Explosion Proof Electromechanical sirens.Electric Smoke ejector,Gasoline exhaust fan,Water driven blowers,Rescue air cushon,line throwing appliance and ot...
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Phone: 0086 576 82708337,13666827120
Contact Person:Cathy Chao
Fax number: 0086 576 82713889

Skype: lionkingsignal2014
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No.688,Yangsi Road, Zhangan, Jiaojiang district, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
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Taizhou Lion King Signal Co., LTD     Phone:0576-82708337   Email:

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