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Product Name:ASF Axial Flow fans
Product classification:Axial Flow Fans
Release date:2024-04-20
Brief Description:
ASF series of axial flows fans are characterized by high efficiency, 
low noise, wide applicability, good reliability and strong stability.
Treated by electrostatic spraying of epoxy resin, 
the housing case can''t corrode in ten years.
The fans are mainly used in ventilation and fire-fighting smoke evacuation
in engineering constructions and special circumstances
(such as explosion-proof environment or anti-corrosion environment).
【Detailed Description】

Fan Dimensions

Impeller Diameter :350-1600mm
Air Volume Range: 2600-180000m3/h
Pressure Range: 50-1600Pa
Drive Type: Direct drive
Applications: Large air volume ventilation, fire-fighting smoke evacuation

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