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Product Name:LKD centrifugal fan
Product classification:Centrifugal Fans
Release date:2024-04-20
Brief Description:
LKD Forward Curved Multi-blades Centrifugal Fan is a new product 
of the company developed. The project is a special curved centrifugal fan
blade airfoil composed of its wind range of 2500 ~ 100000 m3 / h,
the air flow path is strongly accelerated significantly
reduce internal turbine impeller off, eliminating the entrance 
of the blade vortex significantly reduces noise,
greatly improving the efficiency of the fan.
【Detailed Description】

Fan Dimensions:

 impeller diameter: 200 ~ 1000mm

 Air flow: 2500 ~ 100000 m3 / h

 full voltage range: 200 ~ 1500 Pa

 total pressure efficiency: 58 ~ 68%

 Noise range: 70 ~ 110dB (A) (sound power level)

 Transmission: belt drive.

 Machine No. setting: 200,225,250,280,315,355,400,450,500,560,630,710,800,900,1000 other  15 kinds of machine numbers.

 Application: combined air-conditioners and other HVAC ventilation purification equipment   supporting products.LKD centrifugal fans

Product classification

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