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Product Name:Electrically Operated PPV Turbo Blowers EFC120X-16’’
Product classification:Electric Turbo Blowers
Release date:2024-04-20
Brief Description:


Fan Size:40cm*17-blade impeller 

Amps:Start:18min Run:5 



PPV airflower:10,360m3/hr
【Detailed Description】

turbo blower EFC120X


Smoke ejection-clears basements, confined areas with ducting;
Stackable for more PPV FORCE and easy storage;
Optional duct adapter for use with 40cm duct in confined space applications;
Available with in various voltage and frequency configuration;
Optional door bar and hanger kit for suspending in doorways windows.

EFC120X-16''  blowers are widely used for ventilation at factory building,warehouses,construction sites,tunnel,mining area,also are used for firefighting

Product classification

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