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Product Name:hand crank siren LK-120/Signal warning sirens
Product classification:Hand operated Sirens
Release date:2024-07-17
Brief Description:
LK-120 hand operated siren 
Sound Rating: 
120±2dB(A) @1M 
Output Frequency: 
Effective Range : 1.5km diameter  
Net Weight: 9Kg 
Carton Size: 
Contruction:aluminum /steel frame
【Detailed Description】

hand operated siren LK-120


LK-120 hand operated siren is Vertical Type and is designed to provide effective warnning in applications where there is no power supply such as:

  • Civil defence.         Flood warning          Residential area     Sport&Games
    Camp sites.           Schools                     Factories                  Military use
    Mountain rescue.       Frontier sentry and coast guard warning.

    .LK-120 hand operated siren  can be easily transported to remote locations and folds up to a small size for ease of handling.


hand operated siren LK-120



hand operated siren LK-120


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